Diesel Engine Oil

SP Turbo SAE 20W50 diesel engine oil is high quality diesel engine oil that meets the lubrication requirements of many types of diesel engines. It provides outstanding protection for diesel engines running at high temperature.


SP Turbo SAE 20W50 engine oil provides maximum control on carbon deposit, minimum oil consumption and best neutralizing ability for not only new engine designs and some diesel engine types designed in the 1980s.  Its high alkaline reserve neutralizes harmful combustion by-products as the engine burning relatively low quality diesel with higher sulfur content.

SP Turbo SAE 20W50 also perform equally well in many types of gasoline engines, giving mix fleet operators a high quality performance product for widest usage coverage.


  • Minimize oil consumption.
  • Protects against ring and cylinder wear.
  • Keeps piston clean.
  • High performance both in diesel and gasoline engines.

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