SP Passion

Gasoline Engine Oil, Standard

SP Passion SAE 10W40 Motor oil is formulated using high quality hydro-cracked base oils fortified with superior additives package. It delivers the latest development in lubricant technology to maximize the protection for the newest engine fueled by gasoline, CNG and LNG, operating under servere conditions. Especially for those equipped with exhaust gas after treatment devices.


SP Passion SAE 10W40 Motor oil’s performance exceeds the most demanding requirements for engine systems such as emission control, oil consumption and volatility.


  • Formulated for stop and go driving.
  • Silky smooth operation for all high performance engines.
  • Also usable for CNG / LNG powered automotive engines.
  • Especially suited for engines with exhaust gas after treatment devices.



  • ACEA A3/B4-08 ●RN0700
  • MB 229.1

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